Why the Dutch are famous for their Yacht building

The Dutch luxury yachting industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, technology and design. Centuries of ship building, traditional values of craftsmanship, the latest technologies and the finest equipment are all ingredients for a spectacular and exclusive series about the industry and its pursuit of perfection.

But where does this industry come from?

A couple yachts designed and built in The Netherlands.


Dutch Yacht Heritage

“With our beautiful lakes, rivers and many other waterways, Holland is the ideal place for yachting. The use of the word “jacht” started about 400 years ago.” This was during the establishment of the Dutch chartered company the VOC (United East India Company) at 1602, when the States General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out trade activities in Asia.

It is often considered the VOC has been the first multinational corporation in the world and it was the first company to issue stock. It was a powerful company, possessing quasi-governmental powers, including the ability to wage war, imprison and execute convicts, negotiate treaties, strike its own coins, and establish colonies


VOC yacht building in Amsterdam


“From this moment there was a continual growth in demand for yachts, resulting in work for many shipyards throughout the country. They all started as small businesses, building small yachts. Some of their yards developed eventually into big and important shipyards for megayachts. Around these smaller and bigger shipyards, an infrastructure of suppliers, naval architects, stylists, interior designers, and subcontractors developed. This created a healthy competition which caused the best ratio between technology, quality and price. Because Holland is such a small country, and became a specialist in yachts, the Dutch yachting sector started a few years after WW2 with its export. The Dutch trading spirit and expertise in shipbuilding is built up over centuries and created this “super yachting hub”. – Mulder Design

As Lekker Boats being an Australian/Dutch company, we have access to all this knowledge, skill, and competencies and we gratefully make use of these resources. We are proud to be part of this history as a Dutch boating design and building company.

If you have a bit of spare time left, watch this great documentary discovery made about the processes of the Dutch Yacht designing company Vripack. The documentary has a nice introduction, and if you would like to have a good insight of how LEKKER Boats produces, then skip to 20min and watch from there. The “smartkit system” mentioned is how we produce our boats as well. It gives great insight into how our aluminium sheets are cut, bent and shaped so it becomes a kit which the shipyard assembles to the hull of the previous custom designed LEKKER boats.

Part 1

Part 2

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